Fluorescents is a hard-hitting Pop-Punk band based in the City of Chicago. Taking influence from early 2000s pop-punk & 2010s easycore, Fluorescents strives to fuel the next wave of pop-punk music and keep the torch burning strong for generations to come. What sets Fluorescents apart from the pack is the combination of three vocalists each bringing their own unique flavor into the mix. Combine that with wall-rattling drums, epic leads, chugging rhythms & BIG production, you get what Fluorescents calls “Post-Pop-Punk”: a culmination of all things pop-punk with a willingness to incorporate influences both modern and nostalgic. Fluorescents is sure to keep you on your toes with each release as they continue to thrive amongst their local & national music scene.

FLuorescents is: 

sasquel - Vox, GUitar 

Tyler - VOx, Lead guitar, Producer

Bobby - Vox, Bass

Alex - Drums